CFGB Bootcamp and Beginner's CrossFit

CFGB Bootcamp is on M, W & F at 4:00 and is designed for the beginner and intermediate athletes. This class is a fast paced, high intensity class that doesn't incorporate the use of barbells and skilled gymnastic movements that a typical CrossFit class would. If you are intimated by CrossFit movements but like to work hard, this is the class for you! 

This class was previously referred to as Metcon but the name was changed to alleviate any confusion. Drop-in rates are $10 a class and the first class is free!

We also have a beginner's CrossFit class taught on M, W & F at 8:15 am. The beginner classes have a slower pace, allowing the individual to focus on fundamentals and proper form. The goal is to establish a base and general knowledge of the movements. This class can be modified or advanced for anyone's needs. There are no prerequisites required for this class and drop-ins are welcome!

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