Memorial Day Murph

This year CFGB had over 80 participants for our Memorial Day Murph! We were so pleased to see a mix of all ages, first timers, athletes who do Murph every year, and a few kids even joined in for the fun! Heats for Murph ran from 7:00 - 9:00 and were followed by a Memorial Day cookout (thank you to Doug Senn for being the Grill Master!).

For anyone reading who may not be familiar with the Murph Challenge, it is the official annual fundraiser of the LT. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation. LT. Michael P. Murphy was killed in battle in 2005 in Afghanistan.

Click here for more information on Murph and here to see pictures from the event. 

A huge thank you to Steven and Annie Gray for capturing these memories for us. What a great day to honor a man who gave the ultimate sacrifice for his country.